#WorkSmarter met Teamleader

Hieronder hebben we de twee cases verzameld die Gents voor Teamleader uitgewerkt heeft. Gents dacht een sterk concept uit om entrepreneurs ertoe aan te zetten het platform Teamleader te gebruiken. Hoe deden ze dit? Aan de hand van tijdcapsules, radiospotjes, social conversation hacking en brede billboards in het straatbeeld. Dit is werk van Gents, nu deel van Wijs.


Brand campaign encouraging entrepreneurs to take their next step


Help Teamleader, thé all-in-one-tool for CRM, invoicing and client support, become the number one work tool for SME’s in Europe and be a thought leader on everything concerning digitisation, innovation and start-ups.


With Teamleader, business leaders have time to focus on what matters most to them: the future of their company. We launch a pan-European brand campaign encouraging entrepreneurs to take their next step with Teamleader and to #WorkSmarter.

The time capsule

To kickstart the campaign, we launched the time capsule, an online platform that helps entrepreneurs to think about tomorrow, today: https://worksmarter.teamleader.eu/

They are encouraged to fill in their capsules with next steps to grow their business and in time, they’ll receive digital reminders filled with their own advice.

Radio commercials

To drive traffic to the platform, we created 20” radio commercials that resemble recorded time capsules. Listeners hear entrepreneurs from the future, giving advice to their ‘2017 selves’ and are prompted to visit the campaign website to make their own time capsule.

Teamleader becomes talk of the town

We helped Teamleader hack the social conversation, by sharing #WorkSmarter tips for entrepreneurs and encouraging them to do the same. In less than two hours, the hashtag rose to number three in Belgium’s trending topics.

To support the campaign launch, we took Teamleader to the streets of Antwerp in a broad out-of-home billboard campaign, where passers-by discover more with every step they take. An eye-catching, comic-style poster explaining the daily struggles of Belgian entrepreneurs showed how Teamleader helps entrepreneurs to work smarter, everyday.

We spread 2m² posters using the same eye-catching design, across Flemish cities.

We furthermore created animated banners for WeTransfer, that urge entrepreneurs to take their next step. Together with Teamleader.

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