Opvallende campagnes voor Ray-Ban

Hieronder hebben we enkele cases verzameld die Gents voor Ray-Ban uitgewerkt heeft. Gents werkte aan sterke visual storytelling voor het merk, ze bedachten campagnes om digitaal te detoxen en om vergiffenis te vragen voor je zonden. Stuk voor stuk campagnes om Ray-Ban op een aparte manier in de kijker te zetten. Dit is werk van Gents, nu deel van Wijs.

Any pair, anywhere.

A Virtual Try-On Campaign that lets you Eye-It before you Buy-It.


Ray-Ban’s Virtual Try-On Tool lets fans virtually test-drive any pair they want, anywhere they want, virtually on their smartphone, tablet or computer. So how were we to make this latest Ray-Ban innovation relevant for the digitally savvy and social maverick? Why, by boosting the number of fans who try it and consequently fall in love with it!


We launched a global activation campaign on the brand’s owned social channels. Creating a fresh new design and user flow in the process, complete with surprising new features that build on the tool's main function: trying on ANY PAIR, ANYWHERE.


Eye it. Try it. Buy it.

Together with facial-recognition specialist DeepBlue and Ray-Ban’s in-house e-com team, we designed and developed a virtual tool that lets fans try on any pair of Ray-Bans.

To encourage fans both to try the tool and share their shades, we added an extra feature: by transforming virtual 'try-ons' into stunning, low-poly 3D music video shorts, starring each fan in a different Ray-Ban look.



The campaign reached over 3 million people. Keeping Ray-Ban consistently relevant in the ever-changing digital environment. Over 14k accounts were created directly from social media while 2.6k users per day interacter with the tool.

Ray-ban visual storytelling

Re-imagine the social world of Ray-Ban

Social eyecatchers

Ray-Ban’s #Campaign4Change collection got pimped. With platform-specific tools created for Ray-Ban's Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook to showcase their new sunglasses collections. More than that, however, we created visual storytelling that reinforces the link between the campaign and the product.

The sound of sorry

Interactive campaign encouraging critics to sing they're sorry


How can we encourage Ray-Ban fans from all over the world, to right their wrongs? To undertake a personal act of courage, such as saying they're sorry?


We set up The Sound of Sorry act, an interactive campaign in which we encouraged critics and bullies to face up to their wrongs and say…no sing… they're sorry.


Interactive experience

We brought 9 people into contact with others they had hurt and tested their courage to right a wrong. In so doing, we invited each critic into the recording studio and asked them if they had the courage to face the microphone. Using the lyrics from Elton John’s song "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" for their own redemption.

We launched an interactive experience on ray-ban.com's global website to bring the sound of sorry to life.

Micro social documentaries

The emotional journey was documented through a series of micro-documentaries and shared on Ray-Ban’s social channels. Gathering over 1.5 million views and likes.

Ray-ban x rewind

The mixtape project that makes textures audible and shareable


Ray-Ban launched a new collection fabricated from 8 iconic materials. How can we share texture and touch in a digitally savvy way?


The Rewind x Ray-Ban app. A concept inspired by the iconic mixtape and inspired by the charm of sharing for the digital generation. We created 8 mixtape designs that feel like the authentic material of one of the new Ray-Ban glasses. Scan the paper mixtapes with the Rewind x Ray-Ban app and unlock the exclusive playlists.



Each playlist represents the material's unique from "rough as denim" to "smooth as velvet". Music on the tapes featured bands such as Chromatics and the Dum Dum Girls. No mixtape, no music!


More than 200,000 mixtapes were scanned, listened to and shared by tens of thousands of people. Over 30,000 people downloaded the app.

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