UX Studio

UX design at speed

01Specialised UX design team 

A team of highly skilled designers who have a broad knowledge of user experience design and a specific expertise within that range such as usability, interaction design, service design, UX research, user testing... All the skills required to help design websites, native apps and digital products within your digital ecosystem.


02Bringing your digital roadmap to life

Our aim is to understand your business, find out what your customer expects and translate that into a digital design people will love. Wijs UX Studio becomes an extension of your team with the sole purpose to design user-centric touchpoints and features and release them faster.           


03 Turning ideas into reality 

From early concept through UX and UI design to supporting your development teams with the implementation, Wijs UX studio gives you the know-how, speed and cross-silo impact of a user centered agency, combined with the scale and flexibility of in-house consultants.


04 In close collaboration with you

Our team works with you, creating a collaborative envirnoment that fosters speedy iterations and informed decisions throughout various business units in a corporate environment.

Bringing our own way of working, tools and user knowledge at your doorstep, we educate your team in the design methologies and prinicples through a complete transparant partnership.


Collaboration models


Bring new concepts to life
Wijs UX studio helps to translate a complex idea or problem into a tangible prototype or design that functions as a proof of concept for stakeholders.


Introduce new features
Introduce new features We optimise an existing digital touchpoint to make it more intuitive and simple. Or add new future-proof features without losing consistency.


Transform ecosystems
Transform ecosystems Scaling determines growth and success. New anticipated features are built to maintain the overall consistency and work harmoniously with the entire ecosystem.


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